12 Creative Ways To Decorate Your Grad Cap


As graduation creeps up slowly but surely, everything seems to be falling into place. One thing that has really bothered me is how unstylish and just plain ugly cap and gowns really are.

I mean seriously. It’s probably one of the most important days of a college students life, and they want us to dress in a garbage bag. Makes absolutely no sense to me…

Since we can’t do much about the gown, let’s draw our attention and creativity to the cap!

Here are some ways other grad gals have added a little creativity to their cap.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Once you’ve decided what look you want, visit your nearest craft store and grab the bedazzler!

I’ve opted for a simple look including my name monogram and a thin string of pearls to border the cap. Simple yet stylish.

Congrats on finally making it to the end this road, and may the end of this one be the beginning of a beautiful new one.

Follow my fashion board “Wearable” on Pinterest and Tweet your decorated cap to @wearable_.

Stay Fashionable! (even at graduation)

Photos via Pinterest.



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